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Square Enix

Tokyo-based publisher that's known for games like Einhander and Rad Racer.

Latest Updates

Square Enix Teases Idolmaster Project

2012-06-22 - We'll find out what the Imas x Square Enix project is all about next week.  Read More »

Square Enix Shares Regional Shipment Targets For This Year

2012-05-14 - Company expects Japanese software shipments to drop despite DQX release.  Read More »

Square Enix Relocating Main Office

2012-01-06 - Final Fantasy maker moving to a new building in Shinjuku.  Read More »

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Namco Bandai Dominated Software Sales in October

2011-11-24 - AKB1/48, Ace Combat and Idolmaster give company 30% of all software sales.  Read More »

Square Enix Hosting "Open Conference" For Developers

2011-09-07 - Company to hold private developers conference with session on next generation Luminous engine.  Read More »

Square Enix CEO Explains What Went Wrong

2011-05-14 - Yoichi Wada expects internal development revamping to take one to two years.  Read More »

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