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PlayStation 3

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Sony's followup system to the PlayStation 2 uses the Cell processor and has a Blu-ray drive and harddisk as default.


PlayStation 3 System Software Updated to 4.1

2012-02-08 - Updated browser, Sony Entertainment Network name change and more.  Read More »

New PS3 Firmware Adds PSP Remaster Compatibility

2011-08-10 - Synch your save files and set your screen via newly added options.  Read More »

Retailer Briefed on New PlayStation 3 Model

2011-06-20 - CECH-3000 model cuts power and weight, and makes a few external changes.  Read More »

PS3 System Softwarem 3.41 Now Available

2010-07-27 - Tiny update adds recommendations... but not until the end of the month.  Read More »

Major Sales Feats for Wii and PS3

2009-12-16 - Plus, just how good did New Super Mario Bros. Wii do in its second week?  Read More »

PlayStation 3 Slim Tops a Million

2009-09-24 - Three weeks to major sales feat for hardware revision.  Read More »

Messe Sanoh manager not too impressed with PS3 slim start

2009-09-05 - Plus, who is the mystery man who appears to be buying nine PS3 systems?  Read More »

PS3 System 2.76 Now Available

2009-05-14 - Tiny update for those who like to play PS3 games on their PS3.  Read More »

Sony seeks general users to test out games

2009-04-23 - Participants can sample upcoming PS3 and PSP titles and get free lunch.  Read More »

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