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Hironobu Sakaguchi

Creator of the Final Fantasy series. Later known for such titles as Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey and The Last Story.

Latest Updates

Wii RPG Forces Collide in Latest Iwata Asks

2011-01-25 - The Last Story director Hironobu Sakaguchi VS Xenoblade director Tetsuya Takahashi in the fight over which RPG won't see international release first.  Read More »

Iwata Asks: The Last Story

2010-08-17 - Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi details some of the uneasiness he had with his return to directing.  Read More »

Hironobu Sakaguchi Directing The Last Story

2010-08-17 - Final Fantasy creator in the director's seat for the first time in 18 years.  Read More »

Sakaguchi Putting 120% Into The Last Story

2010-07-14 - Final Fantasy creator gets the feeling that The Last Story could be his last game.  Read More »

Hironobu Sakaguchi... Still Has a Goochstache

2010-03-16 - He also has a sweet original Yoshitaka Amano drawing.  Read More »

Hironobu Sakaguchi
さかぐち ひろのぶ
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