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Masahiro Sakurai

Head of Project Sora and main creative force behind the Smash Bros. series.

Latest Updates

Project Sora is No More

2012-07-11 - Kid Icarus Uprising studio dissolved as of June 30.  Read More »

Sakurai Finally Making Moves on Next Smash Bros.

2012-02-21 - Kid Icarus complete, director looking back over Smash Bros. official site.  Read More »

Kid Icarus Comes Bundled with a Stand

2012-01-12 - Keep your 3DS steady as you play the Kid Icarus revival.  Read More »

2011-11-07  -  1 image added, Open image gallery

Masahiro Sakurai Defends Online Dragon Quest

2011-09-06 - Smash Bros. designer says treading the same ground over and over would not be good.  Read More »

Iwata Asks About Smash Bros.

2011-06-09 - First job will be to port basics of Smash Bros. X to 3DS and Wii U.  Read More »

Smash Bros. Creator Wants to Make an HD Game

2011-04-04 - Masahiro Sakurai plays Crysis 2 and exchanges Tweets with Team ICO master Fumito Ueda.  Read More »

Masahiro Sakurai Discusses Kid Icarus with Dengeki

2010-10-01 - Plus, what Nintendo Conference games impressed the Smash Bros. creator?  Read More »

Masahiro Sakurai
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