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Fumito Ueda

Head of the internal Sony development studio popularly known as "Team ICO." Responsible for games like ICO, Shadow of the Colossus and The Last Guardian.

Latest Updates

The Last Guardian is Moving to Shinagawa

2011-06-24 - Team ICO head finishes boxing up his stuff for Sony's big move.  Read More »

No Fumito Ueda at E3

2011-05-27 - Head of Team ICO will not be in Los Angeles for gaming's biggest event.  Read More »

Smash Bros. Creator Wants to Make an HD Game

2011-04-04 - Masahiro Sakurai plays Crysis 2 and exchanges Tweets with Team ICO master Fumito Ueda.  Read More »

Fumito Ueda's Local Garden Supply Shop Has a Familiar Name

2010-08-15 - Shadow of the Colossus creator gets name influences from unlikely sources.  Read More »

Fumito Ueda Gets Himself a Twitter Account

2010-08-07 - Ico and Shadow of the Colossus creator says he'll be showing something at TGS.  Read More »

Fumito Ueda Discusses Last Guardian

2010-02-03 - Director promises new information... some time this year.  Read More »

Fumito Ueda Shares More on Last Guardian

2009-10-02 - The main character's name? Were you actually expecting him to tell you the main character's name?  Read More »

Toro Station Marathon: Part 13

2008-11-16 - The main event: Fumito Ueda meets Toro and Kuro in Roppongi.  Read More »

Fumito Ueda

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