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Takashi Sensui

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Microsoft's Takashi Sensui to Focus on Xbox Business

2011-07-06 - New organization at Microsoft Japan. Sensui admits to slow Kinect start in Japanese market.  Read More »

Microsoft Pushes Kinect at Akihabara Launch Event

2010-11-21 - SKE48 members joined by professional wrestler in shout of "Kinect Love" to kick off sales.  Read More »

Now Covering: Kinect's Japanese Launch

2010-11-20 - Microsoft is kicking off Kinect's Japanese sales with a big Akihabara launch event featuring idols and wrestlers. Live coverage here.  Read More »

Hey look, Hideo Kojima is meeting with Microsoft OMG MEGATON

2010-07-13 - What happens when the creator of Metal Gear has a lunch date with the Japanese head of Xbox? They eat, of course!  Read More »

Takashi Sensui
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