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Kazuma Kujo

Developer of such games as Disaster Report and Steamboat Chronicles, left Irem and formed Granzella in 2011.

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Kazuma Kujo Working on Game For PS3 and Vita

2012-01-03 - Maker of Disaster Report and Bumpy Trot plans downloadable debut this year.  Read More »

Kazuma Kujo Reminds Us How Neat Disaster Report 4 Would Have Been

2011-09-28 - Cancelled PS3 project would have portrayed aftermath and social effects of disaster.  Read More »

Kazuma Kujo Studio Plans PS3, PS Vita Support

2011-06-15 - Former Irem director silent on possibility of releasing sequels to Disaster Report and Bumpy Trot.  Read More »

Kazuma Kujo
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