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Street Fighter IV

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Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Release Confirmed

2010-04-05 - Capcom makes formal announcement of an arcade release at Sagat-heavy tournament for original arcade SFIV.  Read More »

Street Fighter IV Champs Get Gold Gloves

2010-03-27 - Not as useful as an Xbox 360 and copy of Super SFIV, but far more collectable.  Read More »

Street Fighter IV Tournament Detailed

2010-02-22 - Major Super-related announcement promised from producer Yoshinori Ono.  Read More »

These Are Capcom's Million Sellers

2009-11-02 - Bet Resident Evil 5 could dethrone Street Fighter II if Capcom were to release a Wii version.  Read More »

Was Street Fighter IV's Abel Once a Little French Girl?

2009-10-13 - SFIV developer blog reveals what the new World Warrior originally looked like.  Read More »

No Plans For a Downloadable Street Fighter IV

2009-09-12 - Also, please don't get too excited, but something about a sequel will be mentioned next week. Oh, and a Wii version isn't on the way... probably.  Read More »

Street Fighter IV Gets Pre Tougeki Tournament

2009-08-03 - A tournament before the tournament for the biggest fighting game since your mom.  Read More »

Street Fighter IV PC Benchmark Goes Live

2009-06-15 - Find out where to get it. And check out the original World Warriors posing for a framerate test.  Read More »

Street Fighter IV PC Benchmark Dated

2009-06-05 - Find out if you got the proper equipment for Chun Li's thighs. Plus, Mr. David pushes for a more accurate Guile.  Read More »

Street Fighter IV

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