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Ryoei Mikage

CEO of RPG developer and publisher Imageepoch.

Latest Updates

Sol Trigger Demo Set for July

2012-05-17 - Imageepoch CEO gives detailed explanation about delay.  Read More »

Imageepoch Spending Mega Bucks on Type-Moon Game

2011-07-20 - Next up from RPG studio is Black Rock Shooter, made by the Last Ranker team.  Read More »

Black Rock Shooter and Seventh Dragon Openings Coming Next Week

2011-05-31 - Imageepoch CEO excited about watching intros on the big screen, and eating the best fast food burger in the world (fact!) five miles up.  Read More »

Imageepoch CEO's Most Influential RPG Was...

2011-05-03 - RPG powerhouse CEO Ryoei Mikage talks about influences and sales targets in recent interview.  Read More »

What Does 5pb.'s New Name "Mages" Mean?

2011-04-25 - Plus, find out where you can meet CEO Chiyomaru Shikura!  Read More »

This Week In "I'm a Major Game Creator and I Can't Get a 3DS"

2011-02-17 - Think Nintendo sends these things out to top developers? Maybe not!  Read More »

Imageepoch Press Conference Live Blog

2010-11-24 - The JRPG specialists plan to take the genre to the next stage. Click for live coverage straight from the event.  Read More »

Ryoei Mikage
みかげ りょうえい
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