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World Hobby Fair '09 Winter

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Latest Updates

Electronic Arts plans World Hobby Fair surprise

2009-01-16 - Original action adventure game to be unveiled at upcoming game show.  Read More »

Square Enix gives domestic release to Major Minor's Majestic March

2009-01-16 - Latest reverse localization from RPG giant was actually planned by Nanaonsha.  Read More »

Square Enix details World Hobby Fair lineup

2009-01-05 - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days to appear in playable form  Read More »

World Hobby Fair '09 detailed

2008-11-17 - Annual game/hobby show to hit four locations in early 2009.  Read More »

World Hobby Fair '09 Winter
Jisedai World Hobby Fair '09 Winter
次世代ワールドホビーフェア'09 Winter
じせだいワールドホビーフェア'09 Winter

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