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The Last Guardian

First PlayStation 3 game from the team behind ICO and Shadow of the Colossus.

Latest Updates

The Last Guardian is Moving to Shinagawa

2011-06-24 - Team ICO head finishes boxing up his stuff for Sony's big move.  Read More »

No Fumito Ueda at E3

2011-05-27 - Head of Team ICO will not be in Los Angeles for gaming's biggest event.  Read More »

The Last Guardian Delayed

2011-04-20 - Long awaited next title from creators of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus will miss 2011 release time frame.  Read More »

A Few Bits About The Last Guardian

2011-03-08 - Director Fumito Ueda talks about Torico's running abilities, stage progression, and character growth.  Read More »

New Last Guardian Screenshots

2011-03-03 - Team ICO's long awaited PS3 title gets a new showing as the Game Developers Conference kicks off.  Read More »

Famitsu Samples The Last Guardian

2011-03-02 - Sony shows off a demo build, giving hints at some of the gameplay in Team Ico's long awaited PS3 debut.  Read More »

PS3 Ico and Shadow Add Trophy Support

2010-09-18 - Fumito Ueda discusses additions for remakes and also touches upon 3D and Move support for Last Guardian.  Read More »

Fumito Ueda Details The Last Guardian

2010-09-17 - Team Ico focuses on creating a realistic Torico and adopts new development techniques for PS3.  Read More »

The Last Guardian Screenshots

2010-09-16 - Sony provides a long awaited media update for the latest from Team Ico.  Read More »

Team Ico Update

2010-09-16 - Famitsu.com shares screens and details for The Last Guardian, Ico and Colossus.  Read More »

Fumito Ueda Gets Himself a Twitter Account

2010-08-07 - Ico and Shadow of the Colossus creator says he'll be showing something at TGS.  Read More »

Fumito Ueda Discusses Last Guardian

2010-02-03 - Director promises new information... some time this year.  Read More »

The Last Guardian
Hito Kui no Oowashi Trico

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