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Metal Gear Arcade

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One More Location Test for Metal Gear Arcade

2010-11-11 - Sample the latest rev of Konami's 3D Metal Gear Solid arcade title.  Read More »

Metal Gear Arcade Screenshots

2010-07-28 - Remind yourself what Konami's MGS arcade game looks like before this weekend's location test.  Read More »

Metal Gear Arcade Resurfaces

2010-07-28 - 3D arcade title going on location test later this week.  Read More »

AOU 2010 Wrap-up

2010-02-25 - Metal Gear Arcade and Project Diva lead the way at the annual arcade expo.  Read More »

Metal Gear Arcade Playtest

2010-02-20 - Metal Gear Solid 4's online counterpart makes the jump to 3D for Konami's new arcade title. Does the added dimension make this a solid addition to the franchise?  Read More »

Metal Gear Arcade
メタルギア アーケード

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