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3D Dot Game Heroes Lounge Opens in Home

2010-11-05 - The blockiest Home lounge yet, in celebration of original's one year anniversary.  Read More »

3D Dot Game Heroes Xbox 360 Has RRoD

2009-11-08 - Microsoft will have to ban the color red if it does get ported over.  Read More »

Developer Says Xbox 360 3D Dot Game Heroes Possible

2009-11-07 - Plus, how much does From Software know about those Zelda references?  Read More »

The President is in 3D Dot Game Heroes

2009-11-05 - From Software taps into its library for official 3D Dot Game Heroes characters.  Read More »

Cloud, Gundam, and More in 3D Dot Game Heroes

2009-11-04 - The player-created character homages continue to appear -- and this is before release!  Read More »

Spelunker Earns his Keep in 3D Dot Game Heroes

2009-10-22 - Watch the game's PR character do his thing. Plus, a peak at the back of the box.  Read More »

Do You Recognize These 3D Dot Game Heroes Parodies?

2009-10-17 - You won't mind the loading times as you try and figure out what these are.  Read More »

3D Dot Game Heroes Has Tower Defense Mini Game

2009-10-16 - Plus, details on the retro RPG's options, including Grid mode, From mode and Readable mode!  Read More »

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