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Super Mario Galaxy 2

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Nintendo Lowers Console Sales Targets

2011-01-28 - Slower sales and rising yen cause sharp earnings drop.  Read More »

Nintendo's Latest Hit List

2010-10-29 - New Super Mario Bros. and Mario Kart Wii fight for 25 million!  Read More »

Nintendo's Sales and Earnings Fall

2010-10-28 - Company sees drop in DS and Wii hardware and software sales, along with effects of strong yen.  Read More »

Nintendo's Sales and Earnings Fall

2010-07-29 - Company points to rising yen and lowering of DS price as reason for the slowdown.  Read More »

Media Create Software Chart Updated

2010-06-17 - Xenoblade leads the way with 80,000 units first week sales.  Read More »

Xenoblade Tops the Sales Charts

2010-06-17 - Super Mario Galaxy 2 outed from top spot by critically acclaimed Monolith RPG.  Read More »

Play Wii Party in Advance

2010-06-09 - Nintendo breaks tradition and shows something worthwhile at a World Hobby Fair event.  Read More »

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Tops the Charts

2010-06-02 - Mario rules in a week full of new releases. Two Xbox 360 games make it into the top 10.  Read More »

Super Mario Galaxy 2

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