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Prinny 2 Tokkou Yuugi! Akatsuki no Pantsu Daisakusenssu!


Nippon Ichi Hints at Four New Games

2011-08-09 - New titles from the Disgaea, Prinny and Classic Dungeon teams.  Read More »

Media Create Sales Chart Updated

2010-04-01 - Fist of the North Star and Yakuza take the top spots. Prinny lets Nippon Ichi down.  Read More »

Sample Nippon Ichi's Latest At Demo Event

2010-02-27 - Prinny and the one with the hard name to pronounce go playable next week.  Read More »

Nippon Ichi CEO Promises Increased PS3 Support

2010-01-04 - Sohei Shinkawa details upcoming plans for Disgaea publisher.  Read More »

Now Prinny is Counting Down to Something

2009-11-12 - What will happen in 1,000 hours, after all the Prinnys have spoken?  Read More »

Nippon Ichi Announces Prinny Sequel

2009-10-23 - The Disgaea mascot will return to the starring role.  Read More »

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