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PS3, PSP Top the Hardware Charts

2010-04-10 - Digital baseball gamers make the switch to PSP this year.  Read More »

Media Create Sales Chart Updated

2010-04-08 - Etrian Odyssey III leads the way this week. Three Pro Baseball Spirits games place in the top 10.  Read More »

Etrian Odyssey III Tops the Enterbrain Charts

2010-04-08 - Delayed DS RPG pushes Fist of the North Star from top and also holds off this year's baseball releases.  Read More »

The Etrian Odyssey III Food Truck: Now Touring Tokyo

2010-03-30 - Rice balls and tapioca drinks, and sweet Etrian Odyssey III coasters as a gift.  Read More »

Etrian Odyssey 3
Sekaiju no Meikyuu III Hoshiumi no Raihousha
世界樹の迷宮III 星海の来訪者
せかいじゅのめいきゅうIII ほしうみのらいほうしゃ
Game, Budget Version
Shigeo Komori (Director)

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