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The Last Story

Wii RPG from Nintendo and Hironobu Sakaguchi.

Latest Updates

The Last Story Tops the Charts with 115,000 Sales

2011-02-03 - Wii RPG from Final Fantasy creator beats Valkyria Chronicles 3 and My Little Sister.  Read More »

Wii RPG Forces Collide in Latest Iwata Asks

2011-01-25 - The Last Story director Hironobu Sakaguchi VS Xenoblade director Tetsuya Takahashi in the fight over which RPG won't see international release first.  Read More »

The Last Story: A Tour of Ruli City

2011-01-24 - Director Hironobu Sakaguchi shows us the game's main location and reveals his fascination with cats, meat and signs.  Read More »

Celebrities Promote The Last Story

2011-01-19 - What if Gathering were a real power? A real power... wielded by comedians!?  Read More »

More Last Story Videos Coming Next Week

2011-01-15 - Sakaguchi to show off the game's various components through a set of videos.  Read More »

The Last Story Commercial and Promo Video

2011-01-12 - A look at most areas of the upcoming RPG in this latest set of videos.  Read More »

The Last Story
The Last Story
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