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This Year's Konami Calendars

2010-11-01 - Love Plus, Metal Gear Solid and Tokimemo. Wait... one of those doesn't fit.  Read More »

Love Plus + iPhone + Rinko's Birthday = Creepy x Infinity

2010-08-18 - Augmented reality brings new possibilities to digital birthday celebrations.  Read More »

Love Plus Cosplay Done Right

2010-08-03 - This cosplayer accurately portrays Konami's girlfriend simulator.  Read More »

Love Plus Takes Potatoes at Annual Romance Awards

2010-06-15 - NRA recognizes Konami girlfriend simulator for contributions to romance.  Read More »

Your Ultimate Love Plus + Fantasies in Real Bonus Form

2010-06-08 - Manaka, Rinko and Nene are changing out of their gym shorts... just for you.  Read More »

Love Plus +
Game, Budget Version, Hardware Bundle
Akari Uchida (Producer)

Icons by Glyphicons. Used under CC-BY license.