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More Legend of Heroes To Come

2011-10-05 - Falcom CEO says he was thinking about future developments for series while finishing Trails in the Sky story.  Read More »

Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Gets an Anime Conversion

2011-03-09 - Falcom reveals the main staff behind the conversion of million selling RPG series.  Read More »

Konami Brings Love Plus and Winning Eleven to Tokyo Game Show

2010-09-10 - Updated exhibit list shows playable Winning Eleven 2011 and Love Plus Arcade, and a Love Plus stage you'll have to watch!  Read More »

Zero no Kiseki: Meet the Cast

2010-07-30 - Falcom introduces us to its Legend of Heroes sequel through a PV and some much needed story and character details.  Read More »

Your Zero no Kiseki Bonus Item

2010-07-16 - Falcom readying a soundtrack bonus. Plus, what fan-chosen names made the final cut?  Read More »

How to Appear in the New Legend of Heroes Game

2010-04-26 - Falcom lets 30 people get their name in the upcoming PSP RPG.  Read More »

Legend of Heroes Sequel Set for PSP

2010-04-23 - Falcom announces Zero no Kiseki for 2010 release.  Read More »

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