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Cyber Troopers Virtual On Force

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The 3rd Birthday Sells 140,000 Units First Week

2010-12-30 - Monster Hunter Portable 3rd tops 3.5 million, Pokemon Black & White closes in on 5 million.  Read More »

This Week's Flying Get

2010-12-15 - Voyeuristic love sims and busty strategy RPGs in this week's magazine leaks.  Read More »

Your Virtual On Force Options

2010-12-03 - Plus, a look at Watch Mode, and variations on Temjin.  Read More »

Retailers Make Their Top Picks For the Holidays

2010-11-25 - Games Maya rep expects Monster Hunter Portable 3rd launch to be biggest sales day for the year.  Read More »

Sega Planning (slightly ghetto) Virtual On Promotional Display

2010-11-22 - Gundam got a one-to-one scale model. Virtual On gets a one-to-one scale... poster.  Read More »

Cyber Troopers Virtual On Force
Dennou Senki Virtual On Force
電脳戦機バーチャロン フォース
でんのうせんきバーチャロン フォース
Game, Limited Edition, Budget Version

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