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Donkey Kong Country Returns

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Nintendo Lowers Console Sales Targets

2011-01-28 - Slower sales and rising yen cause sharp earnings drop.  Read More »

Nintendo's Jump Lineup Is Expectedly Crappy

2010-12-11 - Donkey Kong Returns, Mario Sports Mix and Kirby's Epic Yarn to be playable at next week's event.  Read More »

Arashi Appears in Donkey Kong Returns Spots

2010-12-02 - Celebrity ads show band members getting reacquainted with Donkey and Diddy.  Read More »

Retailers Make Their Top Picks For the Holidays

2010-11-25 - Games Maya rep expects Monster Hunter Portable 3rd launch to be biggest sales day for the year.  Read More »

Donkey Kong Returns Screenshots

2010-11-19 - Nintendo's Wii revival of Donkey Kong Country hits on December 9.  Read More »

Donkey Kong Country Returns
Donkey Kong Returns
ドンキーコング リターンズ

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