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Final Fantasy Legends Warriors of Light and Dark


Final Fantasy Legends: Dark Knight Chapter Available

2011-01-05 - The next chapter in the continuing mobile Final Fantasy saga.  Read More »

Final Fantasy Legends Job System Detailed

2010-09-06 - Square Enix shares some gameplay details as new mobile Final Fantasy sees release.  Read More »

Date Set For Final Fantasy Legends

2010-08-20 - New mobile title from FFIV The After team arrives in early September. Meet the remaining cast.  Read More »

Final Fantasy Legends Detailed

2010-07-26 - All about Square Enix's latest mobile RPG, from the makers of Final Fantasy IV The After.  Read More »

Final Fantasy Legends Formally Announced

2010-07-21 - The Final Fantasy IV The After team reassembles for an all new Final Fantasy game.  Read More »

This Week's Flying Get

2010-07-21 - Tactics Ogre returns on PSP. The latest news leaks, updated throughout the day.  Read More »

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