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Love Plus Arcade Colorful Clip


Share Pictures of your Love Plus Girlfriend

2011-08-02 - Konami opens photo sharing site for boyfriends everywhere.  Read More »

Regional Love Plus Colorful Clip

2011-06-17 - Travel around Japan with your digital girlfriend.  Read More »

Special Messages of Love From the Love Plus Girlfriends

2011-03-19 - Nene, Rinko and Manaka hold hands and offer support to quake victims.  Read More »

Arcade Provides Maximum Privacy for Love Plus Cabinets

2011-03-08 - Now you can do whatever you want with your virtual girlfriend.  Read More »

Love Plus Arcade Colorful Clip

2011-02-21 - One of two arcade Love Plus games set for release this week. Konami shared the latest screens at AOU.  Read More »

Love Plus, Metal Gear Boost Konami Earnings

2010-11-04 - Company sees gains over last year as PS3 and PSP become its dominant platforms.  Read More »

Konami Brings Love Plus and Winning Eleven to Tokyo Game Show

2010-09-10 - Updated exhibit list shows playable Winning Eleven 2011 and Love Plus Arcade, and a Love Plus stage you'll have to watch!  Read More »

Love Plus Arcade Videos

2010-07-26 - Konami's arcade girlfriend simulator, now in glorious motion.  Read More »

This is Love Plus Arcade

2010-07-24 - High res girlfriends, ceiling posters, and lots and lots of mini games. Boyfriends gather in Akiba.  Read More »

Love Plus Set for Arcades

2010-07-23 - Arcade version of girlfriend sim going on location test in Akihabara this weekend.  Read More »

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