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Tales of Xillia Outpacing Past Tales Games

2011-07-22 - Namco Bandai expects over 200,000 pre-orders for first original PS3 Tales game.  Read More »

God Eater Burst Gets Tales of Graces Costumes

2011-02-08 - Hey, it's a Tales of Graces story, and it may actually have something to do with you!  Read More »

Tales of Graces F: Dress Up as Classic Tales Characters

2011-01-13 - Latest paid download content gives your characters classic outfits.  Read More »

Latest Tales of Graces F Download Content

2010-12-22 - A .hack costume, seasonal attachments, and new designs from Mutsumi Inomata.  Read More »

New Tales Series Developments at Jump Festa

2010-12-20 - Xillia is a no show, but Namco Bandai does manage to share a few bits about Graces F and Radiant Mythology 3.  Read More »

Tales of Graces F Sells 200,000 in First Week

2010-12-09 - Joining impressive Monster Hunter debut, Wii also see sales spike.  Read More »

Namco Bandai Shares Jump Festa Lineup

2010-12-08 - Dragon Ball Kai, Digimon Story and more lead the way.   Read More »

Tales of Graces F Download Content Kicks Off Tomorrow

2010-12-08 - Have a look at the Idolmaster tie-ups, the suits and the school clothes.  Read More »

Tales of Graces F: The Cake

2010-12-02 - Fans celebrate the PS3 release with a cake that looks way too good to eat.  Read More »

This Week's Epoch Flying Get: SDF Style

2010-11-24 - New details on The 3rd Birthday! Plus, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd meets Conan?  Read More »

Tales of Graces F
テイルズ オブ グレイセス エフ
Game, Budget Version

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