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Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories

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Kazuma Kujo Reminds Us How Neat Disaster Report 4 Would Have Been

2011-09-28 - Cancelled PS3 project would have portrayed aftermath and social effects of disaster.  Read More »

Kazuma Kujo Studio Plans PS3, PS Vita Support

2011-06-15 - Former Irem director silent on possibility of releasing sequels to Disaster Report and Bumpy Trot.  Read More »

Disaster Report Series Production Halted

2011-03-29 - Prepare to pay hefty auction prices if you want to play the classic disaster series.  Read More »

Disaster Report 4 Cancelled

2011-03-14 - Irem goes a bit further than a delay with PS3 disaster themed game.  Read More »

2011-03-07  -  6 images added, Open image gallery

This Week's Flying Get: F Style

2010-11-10 - 5pb's new fighting game revealed. The latest magazine leaks.  Read More »

Retailer Lists Disaster Report 4 for February 24

2010-11-06 - Move and 3D ready disaster game to make it out in Winter as planned.  Read More »

Irem Unveils Disaster Report for PS3

2010-09-01 - Console sequel features 3D and Move support. Toilets too.  Read More »

This Week's Flying Get

2010-09-01 - Square Enix's new SaGa game revealed. The latest magazine leaks, updated throughout the day.  Read More »

New Disaster Report Rumored

2010-08-31 - Mysterious image pops up promising a Famitsu reveal for this week.  Read More »

Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories
Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 4: Summer Memories
絶対絶都市4: Summer Memories

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