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Sony Planning ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Event For September

2011-08-15 - Fumito Ueda to speak at event. Share your memories of the two classics for a chance to attend!  Read More »

2011-07-21  -  2 images added, Open image gallery

Team ICO Trailers

2011-07-05 - ICO and Shadow of the Colossus in glorious HD.  Read More »

Team Ico Collection Sites Updated

2011-07-05 - New promo movies for Shadow of the Colossus and ICO.  Read More »

The Unused Shadow of the Colossus Ending

2011-06-11 - Fumito Ueda sorts through his old files and finds some unused goodies.  Read More »

Team ICO Collection Promo Video

2011-06-03 - Sony provides a new trailer to go along with today's release date and limited edition announcement.  Read More »

No Fumito Ueda at E3

2011-05-27 - Head of Team ICO will not be in Los Angeles for gaming's biggest event.  Read More »

Famitsu Samples The Last Guardian

2011-03-02 - Sony shows off a demo build, giving hints at some of the gameplay in Team Ico's long awaited PS3 debut.  Read More »

PS3 Ico and Shadow Add Trophy Support

2010-09-18 - Fumito Ueda discusses additions for remakes and also touches upon 3D and Move support for Last Guardian.  Read More »

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