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2011-04-13  -  3 images added, Open image gallery

Persona 2 PSP Hits Tomorrow!

2011-04-13 - Some final images from the official blog. Plus, guess what game is featured on the big two magazines this week?  Read More »

Persona 2 Innocent Sin: Meet Wayland

2011-04-04 - Plus, sample the game's arranged and original soundtrack options at the official site.  Read More »

2011-04-04  -  1 image added, Open image gallery

2011-03-25  -  1 image added, Open image gallery

One More Persona 2 Innocent Sin Quest Example

2011-03-24 - Plus, a few additional details on the game's quest creation component.  Read More »

Persona 2's Bonus Soundtrack Detailed

2011-02-04 - Find out what's on the mini soundtrack that's included with the PSP remake.  Read More »

Persona 2 Innocent Sin
Persona 2 Tsumi
ペルソナ2 罪
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Shouji Meguro (Director)

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