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Ken Kutaragi Shows Up at PlayStation Awards

2011-12-05 - Catherine, Call of Duty, Atelier Meruru, Legend of Heroes and other titles take special awards.  Read More »

Namco Bandai Dominated Software Sales in October

2011-11-24 - AKB1/48, Ace Combat and Idolmaster give company 30% of all software sales.  Read More »

More Legend of Heroes To Come

2011-10-05 - Falcom CEO says he was thinking about future developments for series while finishing Trails in the Sky story.  Read More »

Mark the Date: Kojima Productions' Tokyo Game Show Stage

2011-09-07 - Konami shares its stage lineup, which will be broadcast live over Ustream.  Read More »

2011-04-14  -  4 images added, Open image gallery

Legend of Heroes: Ao no Kiseki
Eiyuu Densetsu Ao no Kiseki
英雄伝説 碧の軌跡
えいゆうでんせつ あおのきせき
Game, Limited Edition

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