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Wii U

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Successor to the Wii, Wii U features HD visuals and a tablet-based interface.

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Japanese Developers Comment on Wii U

2012-06-20 - What do Suda 51, Akihiro Hino, Keiji Inafune and others think of Nintendo's new hardware?  Read More »

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WiiUクリエイターコメント ( Sokuho @ Houkanko Alt )

2012-06-06  -  9 images added, Open image gallery

2012-06-06  -  19 images added, Open image gallery

2012-06-06  -  13 images added, Open image gallery

Nintendo E3 Press Conference Highlights Wii U Software

2012-06-06 - Pikmin 3, New Super Mario Bros. U, Nintendo Land, Scribblenauts and more shown.  Read More »

2012-06-04  -  1 image added, Open image gallery

2012-06-04  -  36 images added, Open image gallery

Nintendo Shares Wii U Bits at Earnings Briefing

2012-01-27 - System to support NFC for micropayments, and personal account system for Nintendo Network.  Read More »

Wii U Ships Worldwide This Holiday Season

2012-01-26 - Nintendo hopes to return to profitability early next fiscal year.  Read More »

Nintendo Not Ready to Talk Wii U Pricing

2011-10-30 - CEO clarifies statements about 3DS launch lessons during earnings briefing Q&A.  Read More »

Top Producers Comment on Wii U

2011-07-27 - Find out what Akihiro Hino, Shinji Mikami, Tomonobu Itagaki and others think about Nintendo's new system.  Read More »

Famitsu's Readers Share Thoughts on Wii U

2011-07-27 - You'll never guess what game franchise and game creator fans want on the new system.  Read More »

Bits from Nintendo's Shareholder Meeting Q&A

2011-06-29 - Iwata responds to questions about Wii U's reception and Nintendo's ability with HD development.  Read More »

Iwata Puzzled By Nintendo Stock Price Drop

2011-06-10 - CEO suggests that people will have to try out the Wii U to fully understand its potential.  Read More »

How To Play Wii U

2011-06-08 - Nintendo highlights a few play styles for the system's new touch screen controller.  Read More »

Wii U
Wii U

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