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Monster Hunter 3G

The first 3DS entry in the Monster Hunter series. Based off Wii's Monster Hunter 3.

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Capcom Reports Losses but Expects Record Profits This Year

2012-05-08 - Sales of Street Fighter x Tekken lagged. Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City had "steady" performance.  Read More »

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3DS Continues Reign in New Year

2012-01-12 - System sees early 2012 hardware boost as Monster Hunter tops a million.  Read More »

3DS Sees Best Week Yet Following Monster Hunter 3G Release

2011-12-13 - System tops 3 million mark in Japanese sales. Monster Hunter sells close to half million in first two days.  Read More »

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Monster Hunter 3DS VS PSP

2011-12-07 - Let's compare portable Monster Hunters.  Read More »

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Monster Hunter 3G
Game, Hardware Bundle, Limited Edition

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