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Tales of Innocence R

Remake of DS mothership Tales game Tales of Innocence with new characters and more.


Namco Bandai Counts Down to Next Tales Game

2012-05-14 - Announcement to be broadcast live for Tales fanclub members.  Read More »

Armored Core, Resident Evil Top the Charts

2012-02-02 - PlayStation Vita makes it back into the top 20 with Tales of Innocence.  Read More »

Tales of Innocence R Demo Planned

2012-01-22 - Plus, character cushions! Sit on your favorite character!  Read More »

Tales of Innocence R Screenshots

2011-12-28 - Second "hiougi" special attacks, character art, new dungeon gimmicks, and Tales of Xillia's Milla in the battle coliseum.  Read More »

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