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Bravely Default: Rebuild Your Town Through Street Pass

2012-09-07 - Plus, bring the demo to TGS to Street Pass with the developers.  Read More »

Bravely Default Flying Fairy Screenshots

2012-08-24 - Blood Rose group, ablink and the valkyrie and hunter jobs.  Read More »

Next Bravely Default Demo Hits on Wednesday

2012-07-30 - Five jobs, and some character customization elements.  Read More »

Bravely Default: Fourth Character Revealed, Fourth Demo Coming Soon

2012-07-27 - Plus, first word on a unique summon system that lets you summon your friends into battle.  Read More »

Bravely Default Composer Announced

2012-06-19 - Plus, get a first look at the soundtrack packaging.  Read More »

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