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Project X Zone

Crossover strategy RPG for the 3DS featuring character and world elements from Sega, Namco Bandai and Capcom.


Project X Zone Screenshots

2012-09-06 - Screens that you've mostly seen before, but you're going to see them again and you're not going to complain!  Read More »

Project X Zone: Meet the Enemies

2012-08-29 - Lord Raptor, Selvaria Bles and other rivals appear as foes in the crossover strategy RPG.  Read More »

Project X Zone Screenshots

2012-07-26 - Tron, Bahn, Reiji Arisu, Xiaomu, Lady and Lindow along with screens from the intro.  Read More »

Fighting Vipers Joins New Mega Man Characters in Project X Zone

2012-07-24 - Plus, guess which crossover game Project X Zone is crossing over with?  Read More »

New Devil May Cry and God Eater Characters For Project X Zone

2012-07-18 - Lady from DMC and Lindow from GE join the crossover strategy battle.  Read More »

Project X Zone Wallpaper

2012-07-03 - Can you name all the characters in this crowded wallpaper?  Read More »

Project X Zone Trailer

2012-07-02 - Over ten minutes of footage from the crossover strategy title.  Read More »

Over 200 Characters in Project X Zone

2012-06-22 - Crossover strategy game has some of your favorite enemies too.  Read More »

Over 45 Songs in Project X Zone

2012-06-15 - You'll hear some of your favorite tunes in the Sega, Capcom and Namco Bandai crossover strategy title.  Read More »

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