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EX Troopers Survival Battle Screenshots

2012-08-23 - Six players split into two teams for online combat.  Read More »

New EX Troopers Trailer

2012-08-16 - Over three minutes of action-packed gameplay footage from the Lost Planet spinoff.  Read More »

EX Troopers: Frontier Base Screenshots

2012-07-26 - A tour around the two main bases in Capcom's Lost Planet spinoff.  Read More »

E.X. Troopers Background Story Detailed

2012-06-15 - What happens when Bren and Walter come to EDN-3rd in this PS3 and 3DS Lost Planet offshoot.  Read More »

Resident Evil 6 Goes Playable at Capcom Summer Jam

2012-06-07 - Sample the sequel ahead of everyone else (except for E3 attendees).  Read More »

Lost Planet VS EX Troopers

2012-05-17 - Do you see any Lost Planet in the spinoff?  Read More »

EX Troopers Trailer and Official Site

2012-05-17 - Meet the cast of Capcom's Lost Planet offshoot.  Read More »

First Look: E.X. Troopers

2012-05-17 - Anime-styled Lost Planet on PS3 and 3DS.  Read More »

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