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2012-08-14  -  6 images added, Open image gallery

Okami HD Screens and Trailer

2012-08-14 - The PlayStation 2 classic looks better than ever HDified on PS3. View the four minute trailer here.  Read More »

PlayStation 3 HD Remaster Makeup Video: Take Two

2012-07-30 - Get an extended look at Yakuza HD, ZOE HD, Okami HD and Ratchet HD.  Read More »

2012-06-21  -  8 images added, Open image gallery

Okami: PS3 vs PS2 Comparison Pics

2012-06-21 - Plus, a look at some of the sweet e-Capcom bonus goodies.  Read More »

2012-06-20  -  1 image added, Open image gallery

Okami HD: First Trailer and Artwork

2012-06-20 - Trophies, 16x9 aspect, and Move support confirmed for HD remaster.  Read More »

Okami Magnificent Version
Okami Zekkei-ban
大神 絶景版

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