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The God And the Fate Revolution Paradox

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2012-08-16  -  14 images added, Open image gallery

First Look: Nippon Ichi's Kamipara for PS3

2012-08-16 - The Disgaea team celebrates Nippon Ichi's 20th anniversary with sprites.  Read More »

2012-07-12  -  1 image added, Open image gallery

2012-07-11  -  2 images added, Open image gallery

Nippon Ichi Formally Announces New Projects

2012-07-11 - Project D, Project Arcadia and Kamipara are more official, but no less mysterious.  Read More »

Disgaea Team's New Game Revealed in Dengeki

2012-07-10 - The publisher's first 20th anniversary project will finally be getting its full reveal.  Read More »

New Nippon Ichi Games in Dengeki PlayStation

2012-07-10 - Project D? Project Arcadia? Hayarigami film conversion? Why are there so many question marks?  Read More »

First Artwork: Nippon Ichi 20th Anniversary RPG

2012-04-13 - Plus, new Nayuta no Kiseki artwork and tiny glimpses at Agarest Senki Mariage and Neptune V.  Read More »

Nippon Ichi Readying 20th Anniversary RPG

2012-04-10 - Mystery title features character designs from Noizi Ito.  Read More »

The God And the Fate Revolution Paradox
Kamisama to Unemi Kakumei Paradox
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